RAMP coming soon!

PPS is on target with this innovative solution for airway management.

Rapid Airway Management Positioner™ —also known as the “RAMP”— Is an FDA registered,  cost-effective, single patient use, inflatable positioning device to facilitate endotracheal intubation and provide a customized view of the laryngeal anatomy.

The advantages of the RAMP over existing solutions are clear…

Clinical Advantages


Existing foam based solutions are cumbersome and cannot be uniquely configured


Positioning can be achieved quickly


Can be rapidly implemented at any time during the perioperative period, intubation and extubation


Eliminates risk of cross contamination/infection. Saves time on clean up


RAMP cart has a small footprint and can be readily transported throughout the hospital. Everything stored in one location

Economic Advantages

Cost of Use

Costs comparable to using blankets and existing foam based solutions


No need for cleaning or processing after use. Can be recycled

Risk of Work Related Injury

Health care professionals do not need to lift/handle the obese patient

Smaller Inventory Footprint

Single use product resides on a mobile cart. No need to store or handle bulky foam based solutions

Shipping Costs

Compact packaging and a slender profile means more economical shipping charges

Product Features

Proprietary design ensures patient stability and mitigates rocking (patent pending). Material has been biocompatibility tested to the ISO 10993 standard.

Proprietary, fully adjustable dual chambered design to achieve a customized view of the laryngeal anatomy.

Can utilize medical air.

RAMP demo kit content description

RAMP controller

RAMP controller

Control Options

The RAMP system can be conveniently controlled using a medically approved, UL 60601 tested air supply mounted on a cart. This cart can be easily shared between operating rooms or, if preferred, our proprietary control box can utilize medical air and be simply and securely mounted to a surgical boom or IV pole.

Both options can utilize a joystick or a foot switch for rapid inflation/deflation of the RAMP device.

RAMP system cart containing a UL 60601 tested air supply. Cart can be easily shared between operating rooms.

Our proprietary control box can utilize medical air and be easily and securely mounted on a surgical boom, anesthesia work station or an IV pole.

MedAir is required for surgical boom, anesthesia work station or IV pole mounting  options.



Instructions for Use

RAMP System User Manual

The solution is:

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